Hello Friends 3.0 is now in the Store with support for Windows Phone 7.5

Hello Friends 3.0 is now in the Store with support for Windows Phone 7.5

The third version of Hello Friends is now in the Windows Phone Store! It also supports the Windows Phone 7.5 platform. So I’d like to tell you what’s new in the current version:

First of all, we did an overall improvement of the user experience. We got very much feedback from our users (we appreciate that, thank you!), so we were able to tackle problems on several devices as well building a better usability.

The list of improvements covers the following feature updates:

  • 2 new templates (“6×10 Friends” is now the template with the highest number of pictures and “9 Accent Mix” contains a box that is colored with the phone accent color)
  • New preview mode
  • New template selection window that shows miniatures of all templates
  • A new live tile
  • More refresh intervals
  • Shuffle option when previewing your collage
  • Performance improvements
  • Several bug fixes from feedback of users

You’ve read right, there’s also a Windows Phone 7.5 edition available. Since it is not possible to change the lock screen automatically yet, you still can create your custom collage and set it manually as the current lock screen. We hope that the coming update of Windows Phone 7.8 will include the mechanism to get the same experience of Hello Friends as in the newest OS from Microsoft.

Here’s a picture of the template selection window with miniatures of available templates:


If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know! You can get the latest version 3.0 right here:


Special Thanks go out to the guys at WPCentral.com who made it possible to get that much user feedback!

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