OneShot 2.0 now available in the store, combines photo editing with real-time filters

OneShot 2.0 now available in the store, combines photo editing with real-time filters

Today I’m glad to announce that that OneShot 2.0 is now avilable for download in the Windows Phone Store. OneShot is the first app that integrates the Nokia Imaging SDK for taking photos with real-time filter effects. The update is filled with plenty of new and exciting features that help you to get even more out of your photos.

Edit existing photos

We’ve been listening and implemented a couple of new features that were requested by our users. OneShot now contains a fully featured photo editor that allows to add effects to existing photos. For this purpose, you can use the app bar menu item in the photo viewer or use the edit picker when browsing pictures in your photo library. Features of the editor are: effects, contrast, brightness, saturation, rotation, sharpness/blur, crop.

Undo effects

The editor also allows you to undo effects and parameters of photos after they have been taken (in this case they must be captured by OneShot). Therefore, OneShot incorporates rich media extensibility and extends the built-in photo viewer experience by offering a “Open in OneShot” function. The app is now integrated into the photos hub too, which means that you can launch OneShot very quickly from the photos hub.

oneshot-20-change-effect-collage - Kopie

Zoom & sharpen

In addition to the new editor experience we added a zoom functionality that allows you to zoom by using a pinch-to-zoom gesture or by using the slider in the sidebar. With today’s release, you also now have access to the new sharpen/blur option in the sidebar that allows your to get even more out of your photos.

New grids

We’ve also added some new and exciting grids you can choose from: Golden ratio, four different orientations of the golden spiral and the 1:1 ratio which helps taking great photos for Instagram.



In addition to the features above, we’ve also been working on making the photo viewer experience better. You are now able to view the photo’s Exif information which contains details about megapixels, application name, resolution, focal ratio, shutter speed and flash status. The photo viewer also displays the name of the app the photo was captured by.

Double tap to refresh

We’ve also been adding some minor improvements: The new “double tap to reset” function allows you to reset single options in the sidebar by simply double tapping on them.

Favorite button

As you can now edit custom photos from your library, we added a new favorite button that allows you to instantly pick a photo from the pictures library.

Minore improvements

Due to having more elements in the sidebar, we reduced the margins between these items which allows more options at a glance. We also added a visual instruction about the latest changes which is shown on the first start. This information can also be viewed again by using the “What’s new” button in the about page. Last but not least, we fixed some bugs and implemented some other minor changes.


Today’s release includes a bunch of great features that enable you to get even more out of your photos. If you don’t already use OneShot, you can start using the free trial that is available in the Windows Phone Store.


Download press kit with screenshots

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  • Altin August 23, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    Congratz! Your app has become a must-have-app :)