OneShot 3.0 now available for download

OneShot 3.0 now available for download

I’m pleased to announce that today OneShot received the next major update that bumps the app to version 3.0. The update contains some great improvements as well as some very interesting new features.

Camera modes

With today’s release, you are now able to choose between 8 camera modes that help you switch between camera settings more easily. We included the modes M (Manual), P (Program), Portrait, Macro, Scenic and three custom modes.

  • M (Manual): You are able to adjust every setting of the sidebar.
  • P (Program): You are able to adjust most of the settings while some of them are set to an automatic value.
  • Portrait: Optimized settings for portrait pictures.
  • Macro: Optimized settings (Focus, scene mode etc.) for macro shots.
  • Scenic: Optimized settings for scenic photos
  • Custom mode 1-3: These modes can be used for custom presets, all settings of the sidebar can be adjusted.

All modes except M and P save settings of the sidebar. We experienced that users need at least one mode that always starts with settings that are convenient for a wide variety of shots and that can be used for spontaneous shots. So we included two modes that don’t save any settings and will always be reset after a relaunch of the app. This also helps preventing from having some specific settings that don’t fit to the current scene.

Auto straightening

In addition to the new camera modes we also added a new feature called “Auto straightening”. This featured helps you to align the photo to the horizon afterwards. OneShot collects additional data with the phone’s accelerometer so that the photo can be straightened automatically. You can find this feature in the integrated photo editor.



Live straightening

While auto straightening adjusts the rotation afterwards, live straightening can adjust the rotation in real-time while taking a picture. This setting is disabled by default and can be enabled using the the settings menu. Live rotation works until a rotation of 25° has been reached. If the rotation is more that 25° we assume that users want to take photos with that specific angle and no straightening will be applied.

Performance improvements and 1:1 resolution

With today’s release you now get benefits from the performance improvements that have been included in the viewfinder. OneShot comes with a new 16:9 mode, dubbed Fast Preview that brings a performance boost of around 50% to the 16:9 mode. The resolution of the final image is a bit lower since the 4:3 is getting cut for that mode. All other modes also receive a performance improvement of about 20-30% regarding the number of frames per second. OneShot V3 also comes with a new 1:1 mode that can be used for Instagram-like shots.

Share to Instagram

With today’s release you can now share your favorite photos from OneShot to Instagram via 6tag. You can swipe right in the viewfinder to the get to the pictures list and share from this view or you can share directly from OneShot’s photo editor.

New settings menu

OneShot V3 comes with a new settings menu that makes it more comfortable to change system settings like auto straightening or dual save (which allows to undo effects afterwards).


Shutter animation

The current update brings a shutter animation that gives more visual feedback to the user when the photo capturing process has been triggered.

Minor improvements and bug fixes

With the latest update we also fixed an issue with the virtual horizon that was mistakenly bound to an activated steady detection. Besides that, we included some minor improvements and some other bug fixes.


Today’s release includes a bunch of features that help you to get even more out of your photos and to make shooting photos as comfortable as possible.

You can get version 3.0 of OneShot in the Windows Phone Store:



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  • Alexandre Santos February 4, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    Comprei este aplicativo ontem, mas infelizmente descobri que ele não fotografa na resolução máxima do smartphone lumia 1020, em 41Mp, porquê?

    I bought this app yesterday, but unfortunately I found that he does not shoot at maximum resolution lumia smartphone 1020, at 41MP, why?

    • astumpp Author February 5, 2014 at 7:38 am

      Hi Alexandre,
      Thanks for your comment! The current version does not support the highest resolution, since it was not ready when at the time we pushed out the latest update. But we have been working on it, so that it will be included in the next update coming very soon. I hop this helps!


      • Alexandre Santos February 6, 2014 at 2:28 am

        I’ll be waiting
        thank you