Lock Buster gets bumped to version 3.0

Lock Buster gets bumped to version 3.0

Today I’m glad to announce that Lock Buster 3.0 has reached the Windows Phone Store. The third version of Lock Buster follows in Hello Friend’s footsteps and adds support for more customization options. Color effects make your lock screen look even more exciting! The app offers various modes like a high contrast one and a black & white mode. Moreover, users are now able to select addons which show additional information on the lock screen.

The current version brings the following addons that can be combined with all collages:

  • Weather shows weather information depending on the user’s current GPS position. The settings screen allows choosing between the units Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Battery Status shows the remaining battery percentage

Addons can also have a background so that they can be read more easily when combined with a photo collage. More addons are planned for future releases. You can also tweak your collage by adjusting the thickness of the images’ margins!

While the Windows Phone 8 edition contains all listed improvements, the WP7 update includes everything except the addons since the OS does not allow updating the lock screen automatically.

Here’s a sneak peek of the current update:

Beside adding features, we improved the performance of the collage preview mode and added overall bug fixes. You can get the app in the Windows Phone Store with a free trial right here: Link to store

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