OneShot 1.5 now available in the Windows Phone Store

OneShot 1.5 now available in the Windows Phone Store

I’m pleased to announce that the next version of our camera app OneShot is now available in the Windows Phone Store. While the app had a very good start in the store, we were very busy and made the app available in China last week. We were also working on the current release which contains a couple of interesting new additions.

New features are:

  • 3 new filters are available: Valencia, Amaro, Hudson
  • Aspect ratio can be changed between 16:9 and 4:3 if both are supported by the device
  • A ‘Reset settings’ button has been added to the sidebar that makes it easy to reset the current settings. This feature brings also a new ‘Reset settings’ favorite button to the app bar.

We also were busy on bug fixing to prevent the app from crashing on some device types:

  • Fixed bug that caused a crashing issue on HTC devices
  • Fixed bug when scrolling through taken images
  • Fixed bug that made the screen freeze after focussing
  • Some minor improvements and bug fixes

Besides the changes mentioned above, we improved the viewfinder’s performance by around 30% which means that you get a higher frame rate from now on. Moreover, we decreased the size of the preview images in the filter section which helped to display more of them on the screen without scrolling.

You can pick up the app with a free trial in the Windows Phone Store. You are able to try out every feature, but you can’t save photos to your library. The full version is available for only $1.99.

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  • Altin August 14, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    Hey mate,

    I love your product, I just wish I didn’t purchase this wp7 device 2 weeks before wp8 launch…

    Your product is one of the most needed in the marketplace and its better than its competitors on android and iOS .

    I would love to hear if there is any chance of this becoming available for wp7 too.

    I would pay up to 10$ for this, and I’m sure many of us would, as it’s pure awesome.

    Kind Regards, Altin.

    • astumpp Author August 15, 2013 at 6:57 am

      Thank you very much for the kind words. The app is based on the brand-new imaging technologies of Nokia, so it is a bit tied to the restrictions of these components. If they come available for WP7 too, there will be no problem in offering this app for Windows Phone 7, too. We’ll keep posting an update as soon there’s something new about it. Thanks!