Update: Hello Friends 4.0 now available! More Fun with Addons & Color Effects

Update: Hello Friends 4.0 now available! More Fun with Addons & Color Effects

I’m glad to announce that the fourth version of Hello Friends is now available in the Windows Phone Store.

A lot of user feedback has reached us since the first version of Hello Friends. Most of them were asking for even more customization of their lock screens. Thus, we were reacting on the user feedback and implemented some nice new features. Hello Friends 4.0 for Windows Phone 8 supports addons that can be combined with your collage.

As you can see in the teaser image some additional options were added to the “customize” screen. At first, you are now able to activate addons that will be integrated in your lock screen. In the current version there are two addons available:

  • Weather shows weather information depending on your current GPS position. You can use the settings screen to choose between the units Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Battery Status shows the remaining battery percentage

You are also able to choose from different shades of transparency to get a suitable background for your addon. For your interest, we are planning to integrate more addons in future releases.

The current update does not only bring addons: You can now optimize your lock screen with additional color effects. For example, the app offers a back & white and a high contrast mode. From now on every template offers to adjust the thickness of the images’ margins in the collage, so that you are able to customize your lock screen even more!

We also worked heavily on the problems users were facing when selecting custom contacts and fixed bugs that led to the app’s crash under certain circumstances. A high number of contacts was preventing the lock screen to get refreshed sometimes which we solved, too.


The update should be available during the next few hours. If you can’t see it yet, you might want to browse to the store on your phone and update it manually. Here’s the deep link to the Windows Phone Store:


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